Garden Fertilisers

  Growmore_1kgCarton_98x150px Growmore: A multipurpose plant food with an even balance of nutrients to feed all the plants in your garden. It can be used when preparing new beds & to provide essential nutrients throughout the growing season. Apply as a top dressing or use under mulches. It can also be used in the preparation of new lawns. Growmore can be applied from February to late October every 4-6 weeks.


Bonemeal_1kgCarton_97x150px Bonemeal: A slow-release, long-lasting plant food which contains Phosphorus & Nitrogen. The Phosphorus promotes vigorous root growth & helps establish new plants quickly. The Nitrogen encourages strong growth & healthy foliage. Ideal for vegetables, fruit, flowers, roses, shrubs & trees. When planting new trees & shrubs put a sprinkling of Bonemeal in the hole as an extra tonic for the roots. Always moisten soil after application. Bonemeal can be applied from February to late October every 4-6 weeks.
FishBloodBone_1kgCarton_97x150px Fish, Blood & Bone: An all-purpose plant food which is ideal for organic gardening. The organic nitrogen slowly releases for up to 8 weeks promoting strong & healthy growth. The Phosphate slowly releases to promote vigorous root growth. The Potassium promotes flower production & improves the ripening of fruit & vegetables.
NH_PoultryManure_ExFree7kg_97x150px Chicken Manure: An all-purpose, organic plant feed made from composted chicken manure which is great for vegetable gardens. Apply from February to October.
RoseFood_1kgCarton_97x150px Rose Food: A specially formulated fertiliser, with added trace elements, for roses. Contains extra magnesium which provides deep, rich coloured blooms. Apply before & during the flowering season
Ericaceous_1-2kgCarton_97x150px Ericaceous Feed: A specially formulated fertiliser, with added Iron, for acid-loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas & Camelias.
GardenLime_3kgCarton_92x150px Garden Lime: Lime breaks down heavy soils & neutralises excess acidity in the soil. Apply Lime annually as it contains a high level of Magnesium which assists in disease resistance such as Club Root. Lime can be used on lawns to improve growth & colour.
Q4-Pelleted-fertiliser Vitax Q4: A good multi-purpose feed which gives great results all over the garden. It is easy to apply & can be used on a wide range of crops. Contains the vital plant foods & trace elements essential for vigorous plant growth, abundant flowering & ripening of fruit.
RHSROOTGROW_000 Rootgrow Myorrizhal Fungi:For better establishment, naturally healthier plants, stronger flowering and fruiting, better drought resistance rootgrow™ is all you need. Unlike a fertiliser that runs out over time rootgrow™ which comprises of (UK) origin Mycorrhizal fungi, will develop into a huge secondary root system increasing the root area of your plants  by up to 700 times.  These fungi have evolved to help plants find essential nutrients, minerals and moisture and pass them back to the plant. In exchange the fungal partner takes carbon and sugars from its host. Rootgrow creates better developed root systems & enhances drought tolerance.

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