We stock a wide range of Trees from Acers to Poplars. All our trees are grown as half-standards and reach a height of 6-8ft. Below is a list of the trees we generally carry in stock however if you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact us as we may be able to get one for you.

Acer: Crimson King, Drummondii, Brilliantissimum

Aesculus: Carnea(red flowers), Briotii(white flowers)

Alder: Glutinosa, Cordata

Birch: Silver(Betula Pendula), Jacqumantii(bears very white bark)

Castanea Sativa: Sweet Chestnut

Catalpa Bignoides: Indian Bean Tree

Corylus Contarta: Twisted Hazel

Crataegus: May Tree – Red/Pink/White flowers

Beech: Green/Copper

Juglans: Walnut Regia

Laburnum Vossi: Golden Chain

Malus: Flowering Crab

Poplar: italica, candicans aurora

Prunus: Flowering Cherry – Kanzan(double pink flowers), Royal Burgundy(double pink flowers/red leaf), Ammangowa, Shidare Zakara(weeping cherry), Autumnalis(winter cherry), TaiHara(great white cherry), Pandora(single pink flowers), Pissardi Nigra(single pink flowers/red leaf)

Quercus: Oak – Traditional English/American Red

Robinia Frisia – False Acacia

Salix: Willow- Carprea Pendula(dwarf pussywillow), Tortuosa(twisted willow), Golden Weeping Willow

Sorbus: Mountain Ash- Aucuparia, Lutescens, Josephrock(yellow berries), November Pink(pink berries), Discolor(red berries), Chinese Lace(white berries)

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