How to write an Observation essay

How to write an Observation essay

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This is a narrative type of essay where the reader narrates something observed and the best way to collect information is taking notes as the observation is happening. The focus of an observation essay is two things one is the purpose of the observation and writing it and the second is the message the writer wants to pass to the reader. This type of essay is organized chronologically so that the purpose of writing is well presented to the reader. It should be clear to the reader from the essay what exactly the observer was trying to find out during the observation. During the observation, it is of value to pay attention to senses and include them in the notes being taken as well as how things in the subject being observed relate or connect to one another.

An observation essay has an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion in that order. The introduction tells the reader the purpose behind the observation as well as some background information on the matter being observed, it is strategic to have a detailed statement about what is the matter including the time and date.

The body paragraph contains the events as they happened and the writer can show the reader what was being observed exactly. If observing several things, narrate them separately or organize them in a relating manner without losing the flow of the narration. Including dialogues and the five senses will add more details to the essay and make the observation subject real to the reader. Examples are also a good way of giving a clear illustration of what the writer is telling the reader.

In the conclusion the author sums up the purpose of the observation as stated in the beginning paragraph but in different words. The writer draws a conclusion about the observation, and also offers recommendations depending on the subject being observed as well as what was observed means to the writer.

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