How to Brainstorm for an Essay

How to Brainstorm for an Essay

Brainstorming is the word used in the process of planning a writing, it basically means developing or creating ideas for a topic to be written. It is thinking about the best way to respond to an essay topic or task at hand. Brainstorming helps the writer get ideas on how to write a paper before writing which helps in having an organized and a quality paper. Brainstorming can be used on all levels of writing from elementary school to an office presentation.

Brainstorming which is fishing ideas about an essay topic can be achieved in several ways including but not limited to; use of diagrams or maps, listing ideas and writing ideas as they come to mind. The first two can be helpful in writing a timed essay but the latter one may demand a rewrite in order to organize ideas for those not experienced in writing.

Bubble diagrams or Venn is using of diagrams to jot down ideas about a topic. The title of an essay is written in the middle and a circle drawn around it, then the ideas surrounding the title are written and circled outside the title circle and a line used to join the ideas to the title. Smaller ideas can also be gathered in support of the maid ideas and the same is done to them. The writer can now identify which ideas are strongest and start writing on them including their supporting smaller ideas.

There is also a web diagram where the writer lists down the main ideas to use in writing the essay topic and then branch off to other ideas supporting the main objective. Again here the writer will be able to prioritize the ideas in order of importance. Use of diagrams will require the author to have an extra sheet of paper to draw the diagrams as these are not part of the essay.

Since some writers may find it uneasy to draw the above described diagrams, one can list ideas about a title and organize them in order of importance and use the list to develop the essay. This is the method used when writing the introduction of an essay where all that is to be discussed is briefly written.

The other brainstorming idea is writing or typing ideas as they flow in the mind. Some topics may be well known to the writer making it easy to write without much effort in thinking or researching. Alternatively, after getting the main ideas, developing information on an idea is easy. This method can be viewed as messy since ideas are written without order of importance and can therefore require a rewrite.

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