Gloves, Footwear & Clothing



Muck Boots, Muckmaster



wellies Full Length Green WellingtonsThese classic full length boots have a cushioned sole for extra comfort and reinforced seams for added strength. They are 100% waterproof and available in sizes 3-12 (36-46).£14.99
raspberrycloggies.600 Lightweight Cloggies Cushioned, comfortable and lightweight cloggies. These injection moulded clogs are great for ‘keeping by the back door’ and slipping on to pop into the garden. Available in sizes 4-8. Also available in Chocolate Brown in sizes 4-11.£9.99
Childs Cloggies Children’s Cloggies

Simple lightweight shoes for kids, ideal for garden play. Slingback clog style shoes in coral, lime and navy colours. Sizes 10-2.£4.99



2-in-1 Kneeler & Stool – £16.99

This versatile 2-in-1 kneeler and stool allows you to work comfortably when planting or weeding your flower beds and pots. In the upright position it is a comfortable garden stool, or simply turned upside down it becomes a cushioned kneeler, with handles either side to aid support. Made from tough EVA foam and tubular steel, it is light to carry and folds easily for storage. Especially useful for people who have difficulty bending.


Kneepads – £4.99

Padded and comfortable kneepads from the Essentials range make moving around the garden easier. Adjustable Velcro straps.