Ponds & Water Features

Water Features

Our Pond Fairies from Bermuda have been expertly handcrafted which will add charm to any garden. Natural stone effect finish manufactured in a hard wearing resin blend for maximum durability. Unique and attractive water pouring design.


Our Bermuda Ponds are manufactured from tough 4mm thick UV and frost resistant High Density Polyethylene material for maximum durability and puncture resistance. The superior smooth finish produced in an exclusive Everglade Green colour has shelving to accommodate water lilies and marginal plants to give a natural pond look. Lifetime Guarantee.

Pond Pumps & Filters

We stock a wide range of Pond Pumps & UV Filters in various sizes. A pump will enable you to run a pond filter to help keep your pond water clear and your fish healthy. Attractive fountains, cascades and other interesting water features can all be added if a pump is installed into your pond system. Whatever pond size or setting you have, a pond pump really can bring it all to life!
Our Fishmate pumps provide all the versatility and performance you need. They carry a 3-year guarantee & are easy to use. For crystal clear pond water simply install the appropriate Fishmate UV+Bio Pond Filter. Each one comes with a Clear Water Guarantee. Available in both pressurised and gravity models, the Fishmate UV+Bio filter range caters for ponds up to 45000 litres (9000 gallons) with the following features:

  •     Combined U.V. and Biological Filtration for crystal clear, purified water
  •     Easy to maintain
  •     Includes SUPRA Bio Media
  •     3 year guarantee
  •     Coloured green to blend in with natural surroundings

The true price of a pond pump includes the ‘hidden’ cost of running it once it is installed. The super-efficient turbine in all Fishmate pumps uses less power (in some cases over 50% less) than other pumps on the market. This is better for the environment and also saves you money.

Solar Pond Pumps

We also stock a range of Solar Pond Pumps by Bermuda. All Bermuda solar pumps have integral battery back-up systems and LED lights, so they will work and store sunlight during the day and will then operate from the battery on cloudy days or at night.


We carry a wide range of accessories for your ponds & features: Aquatic Soil, Pond Baskets, Pond Lighting, Fish Nets, Pond Nets, Fish Food, Water Treatments, Thermometers, Heaters & much more.